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11th Jul 2021

Ep. 167 How To Be The Boss Of Busy & Create Your Standout Life, with Ali Hill

Ali Hill is the CEO of AFR Fast 100 company Pragmatic Thinking which is a Behaviour and Motivation Strategy company , She’s also a Psychologist, an award-winning business woman, an influential keynote speaker, producer and host of Stand Out Life podcast, regular on mainstream media, and a best-selling author.

Ali’s books are:

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website: alisonhill.com.au

Instagram: @alihill

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to live a stand out life
  • Understanding who you are when living your Stand Out Life and how to live in alignment with that optimal version of yourself consistently.
  • How to be the boss of busy and find that “work life balance” for your lifestyle.
  • Ali’s thoughts on Performance Coaches and other modalities working on mindset and human behaviour from her professional psychologist perspective 
  • And The 4 P’s that are holding you back from making progress on your goals and visions. That’s Pessimism, Procrastination, Perfectionism and People Pleasing… This part of the chat was gold and I KNOW you guys are going to gain so much value from this section alone because I hear from so many of you and work on these challenges with so many of my clients. 

Even if we don’t realise it, as humans, these behaviours are deeply connected to a personal belief that “we’re not good enough” in some area of our life.

It triggers our fear- like fear of failure or fear of judgement or FOPO: Fear Of People's Opinions, as legendary sports psychologist Dr Michael Gervais terms it…

It’s so common and so paralysing or crippling for people that I’ve created a Free Resource for you - a short step by step process for driven people who know they can achieve more but need to break through some fears, doubts or limiting behaviours to take their life to the next level! It will help you:

  • Drop your Fear of Failure and support you to take action
  • Stop procrastinating and putting off important tasks
  • Release your thoughts and worries of other people's judgements of you
  • Drop your self judgement of not being worthy or good enough
  • Reignite your passion and purpose towards your goals and visions
  • Enjoy life from a more energised perspective

Simply go to brettrobbo.com/breakthroughfear and get that free step-by-step process.

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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
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Brett Robbo is a former athlete, turned High Performance coach and therapist working with some of the World best Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

For the past 14 years he's been working in Paralympic sport as a Sprints & Jumps Coach and Performance Therapist.

He's been surrounded by stories of massive adversities everyday, but at the same time has been uplifted by the courage and resilience displayed by these amazing athletes with a disability who learn how to use adversity to their advantage.

This podcast journey starts with some of the inspiring and world changing Para communities and also branches into many other highly influential and inspirational humans that Brett has learned from on his journey.

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