Published on:

21st Apr 2022

Ep. 182 Navigating Stress & Burnout & Enhancing Your Wellbeing, with Bianca Spears

Bianca Spears is a Laughter Leader and Award-Winning Empowerment Coach who helps leaders to better navigate stress and find peace through NeuroPLAYsticity. 

She also co-runs online programs that help people overcome chronic stress and illness through a variety of brain retraining methods, including laughter therapy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Bianca’s fascination from where medicine and science meet the “supernatural” and previously “impossible”
  • Why you don’t need to rewire your brain to feel better.
  • Why you do need to rewrite your brain to change habits.
  • Bianca opens up about her own experience with burnout last year, what caused it, how it felt and how she overcame it. 
  • We dive into laughter wellness and laughter therapy - what it is, what’s happening with your feel good hormones and stress hormones when we laugh, how it’s used to overcome chronic stress and illness. And how you can overcome the awkwardness of laughter to use it as an empowering tool in holistic health and wellbeing.
  • We also dive into many great topics of optimising your potential and living your best life.

I loved this chat with Bianca because she has a great understanding of the science and physiology behind our actions, intentions and thoughts.

Follow Bianca online and support her 'laughie challenge':

Instagram: @bianca.spears

Website: biancaspears.com

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