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21st Mar 2022

Ep. 180 Get Out Of The Way Of Yourself, with Brett Robbo

As humans we’re great at creating mental barriers and internal dialogue to stop us from having the good hard crack at life, that we really know we’re capable of.

In our business or career we might know we’re destined for more and we can be making a greater impact, but those voices in our heads keep holding us back.

The good old IMPOSTER MONSTER. That imposter syndrome that is at its greatest force when you’re starting something new or considering starting something new.

There’s a great saying “when you’re inside the jar, you can’t read the label”.

So when we’re inside our hamster wheel of our day to day life, or in the grind, hustle and busy-ness of our work commitments - that’s us inside our jar and we don't have a great perspective of what changes we need to make.

In this short episode I discuss this concept in more detail and give you some actionable steps you can implement straight away.

Are you a male business owner, leader or everyday bloke

keen to thrive in your personal and professional life?

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Next round kicks off April 4th & we’re taking a break over Easter.

Simply go to brettrobbo.com/breakthroughprogram to find all the info.

Keep Thriving Legends, and as always remember, this is your life journey, your life of IMPACT!

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About the Podcast

Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
Chats with World Class athletes and coaches, inspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders to help you live your legacy with Impact!
Brett Robbo connects with Big Impactors in their communities and he goes deep.

He explores their mindsets, habits, values and belief systems.

He engages in their vulnerabilities and adversities and seeks out their “fear” based approaches to success.

Your Life Of Impact will inspire and teach you how Tap Into Your Inner Excellence and make permanent positive change in your life.

Brett Robbo is a former athlete, turned High Performance coach and therapist working with some of the World best Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

For the past 14 years he's been working in Paralympic sport as a Sprints & Jumps Coach and Performance Therapist.

He's been surrounded by stories of massive adversities everyday, but at the same time has been uplifted by the courage and resilience displayed by these amazing athletes with a disability who learn how to use adversity to their advantage.

This podcast journey starts with some of the inspiring and world changing Para communities and also branches into many other highly influential and inspirational humans that Brett has learned from on his journey.

The vision for this podcast through providing an abundance of value, is to grow a community of impactors who learn how to master the Key Pillars of Life from the guests we interview, and who also challenge the status quo.