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17th Jun 2022

Ep. 184 Using The Dig To Fly Method To Help You Thrive, with Karl Staib

Karl Staib is a seasoned speaker and author of the book Bring Gratitude, who helps entrepreneurs turn their struggles into stepping stones.

He’s also a coach and has helped thousands of people become happier and more successful by using the Dig to Fly Method.

Now, I wasn’t expecting it in this episode but Karl coached me using his empowering tool - The Dig To Fly method and it was great to be in the passenger seat for this one. 

It was powerful and brought up some deep stuff for me as a parent and highlighted some childhood wounds I need to revisit and work on.

In this episode we discuss;

  • How Karl’s father passing away set him on an impactful trajectory with his coaching work.
  • The Dig To Fly method and how it can support you in your personal and professional life 
  • Why parents can be triggered into frustration and anger and how to shift away from this reactive parenting style 
  • Breathing and taking pauses in the day to ensure you’re not experiencing stress and burnout in your work
  • How Brene Brown has influenced my relationship and some of her techniques I use
  • The power of gratitude 
  • And much more around how we can change our disempowering behaviours 

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